24th March 2023




BursarSearch offers the following bespoke services for recruitment:

  • Recruitment:
    • An in depth analysis of the school’s culture and also its organisational and financial efficiency. The inquiry will include a specific focus on the relationships between the Governing Body, the Head and the Bursar. The full evaluation will then shape the preparation of the recruitment documents. This specific approach will encourage the most talented candidates to apply.
    • The preparation of a comprehensive job specification.
    • The preparation of the linked person specification.
    • The handling of the recruitment process and the presentation, usually, of a shortlist of four candidates to the Governing Body and Head. BursarSearch envisages that, because many of the candidates will come from outside of the school sector, a key part of the initial interview process will be an assessment of how much each candidate’s previous experience will add value to the role. Aware of the school’s idiosyncrasies that the initial analysis identified, BursarSearch will then be in a strong position to make a customised recommendation.
    • The preparation of detailed contracts and reference checking (if required).
    • The provision of a comprehensive induction and mentoring process to the new appointee if he/she has come from outside the school environment.


    • Consultancy – many schools value the benefit of an outside view of its support organisation. With knowledge of organisations of 20+ schools, and having prepared a series of reports for heads, governors in organisation, David is able to advise on the optimum structure, as well as financial benchmarking. For confidentiality, the names of these schools are not published, but please call David for further details.


    • Appraisals – every bursar should have an appraisal done every 3/4 years. When done properly this is far more than feeding back comments from colleagues. For the haysmacintyre ISBA magazine, David wrote an extensive article on the benefit of appraisals.


    • Mentoring – A bursar’s life can be lonely with many conflicting demands. Whether it is a newly appointed bursar needing some help to understand the full role of a bursar, or an experienced bursar experiencing some difficulties, it is always helpful to have a sounding board and someone for the bursar to contact.

    For further information on all these services please call David Williams on 07713 091657, or email