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BursarSearch is an innovative company which specialises in the appointment of school Bursars. It recognises the pressures that the Governing Bodies of forward looking schools are under when faced by this task. It believes that a holistic approach to the placement process is the most beneficial method to recruit candidates of the highest calibre.

David Williams FCA

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for a bursar, why choose you?

BursarSearch understands how independent schools function. David Williams has worked at large, medium and small schools ranging from 900 pupils to 150 pupils. He therefore has an unrivalled knowledge of support organisations within these diverse environments. Clients can be confident that BursarSearch will have the experience needed to find the right bursar for you. David is a chartered accountant, and with Governing Bodies looking more and more for a bursar with a sound financial & commercial background David has unrivalled experience to ensure that the right bursar is recruited.

I am a bursar, how can you help?

BursarSearch maintains a data base of eminent bursars who may be looking for a career move. If you are envisaging a change, please contact BursarSearch at for an initial, confidential, discussion.

How long does the process take?

BursarSearch recommends that the recruitment process is initiated by the Governing Body six months before the current incumbent wishes to moves on, since it normally takes a minimum of three months to complete. This gives time to prepare the personality and job specifications, to place the advertisements, to interview the long list and then to proceed to the short list and the offer. If the new bursar is recruited from the commercial world then he/she is likely to have a three month notice period. If the candidate is recruited from within the education sector then one term’s notice is the norm.

How much does the service cost?

BursarSearch guarantees to be cost-effective. However because it offers a bespoke service the fee will vary depending on the client’s requirements. The full BursarSearch service offers analysis, recruitment and mentoring for the new recruit. The cost of using part of this service will be pro-rata. Please call David on 07713 091657 for advice.

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